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Marlin DJ Bar/Bat Mitzvah Worksheet

E-mail Adress:  Bar/Bat Mitzvah Date:   - mm/dd/yy
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Name: 
We ask you to please verify your e-mail address by re-typing it here: 
We have designed these worksheets to assist you in planning your bar/bat mitzvah party. This
information is also very helpful to us in our preparations for your event. Please fill these worksheets
out before our final meeting which will be approximately 2 weeks prior to your party.

Party Information
Parents: Mother:  Father: 
Banquet Facility:  Room Name: 
Address:  Phone: 
Address 2:  Contact: 

Is the Reception on the 1st floor?  Yes   No Is there an elevator?  Yes   No
Start Time of Event:  Start Time of the Music: 
Number of Guests:  Adults:  Children:  Boys:  Girls: 
Party Theme: 

Party Professionals
Name of Party Planner:  Phone #: 
Name of Photographer:  Phone #: 
Name of Videographer:  Phone #: 
Name of the Decorator:  Phone #: 

Cocktail Hour
Is Cocktail Hour to be held in the same room as the Reception?     Yes   No
If not, will Marlin Disc Jockeys provide music for the cocktail hour in a seperate room?     Yes   No
Will children be in a separate room for the Cocktail Hour?     Yes   No
Will the children be served their meal during Cocktail Hour?     Yes   No
Are games to be played with the children during Cocktail Hour?     Yes   No
Cocktail Hour Start Time:    Do you want music during Cocktail Hour?     Yes   No

Grand Entrance

Mother's Parents:  Song: 
(What child calls them): 
Father's Parents:  Song: 
(What child calls them): 

Mother/Father:  Song: 

Immediate Family
Brother/Sister:  Song: 
Brother/Sister:  Song: 
Brother/Sister:  Song: 
Brother/Sister:  Song: 

Guest Of Honor: 
Guest Of Honor's Grand Entrance Song: 

Memory Candles
Name Song

Candle Lighting
Name Song

Are we singing HAPPY BAR/BAT MITZVAH or Happy Birthday to the guest of honor?
Please choose one     Happy Bar/Bat Mitzvah     Happy Birthday

Motzie Kiddish
Given by:  Given by: 

Toast Speech
Given by:  Given by: 

Special Announcements

Specialty Dances
(After 1st course - Ask Guests to join)
Bar/Bat Mitzvah & Friend: 
(Multiplication Dance)
Bar/Bat Mitzvah & Parent: 
(After Main Course – Mother & Son OR Father & Daughter)

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Raised?  Yes   No
Immediate Family Members Raised?  Yes   No
Grandparents Raised?  Yes   No

Special Instructions
Please specify any special instructions you would like us to follow.

Please notify Marlin Disc Jockeys immediately of any changes in your event information.
Thank you for taking the time to fill out these Worksheets. If you have any questions
please do not hesitate to call.

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